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Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we will be with you on all the stages of your research
Genealogical expertise and consulting

Do you have enough information to start deeply researching your own ancestry? What if you have just a few facts, and it could serve as a base for small archival research, but not for huge and expensive project? The genealogical experts can help find answers to these questions, and will help you on your first stages of any research.

Archival and field research

We have a team of researchers trained in collecting genealogical date in Ukraine and the countries of the former Soviet Union. This data is one of the main elements to help to begin your genealogical research. Archives contain unique information about all “footprints” each citizen could leave, such as records of birth, marriage, death and much more.

Design and printing services

Our designers can make a tree or chart for you to show your results. We can also prepare a “family book” which is a detailed and professional compilation of your family tree. It includes narratives of life, photographs, useful indexes, etc. This is one of the best way to share your findings with your family and friends.


Experts and professionals

You will work with highly trained genealogy professionals that are there to help you discover your family roots

Years of experience

18 years of experience in archival and field researches with a deep knowledge of old records and sources

Satisfied customers

Dozens of satisfied customers from around the world have already been able to find their ancestors with our help

Team of enthusiasts

You’re invited to become part of a team of genealogy enthusiasts who love family history and all their work

Personal manager

We will provide a personal manager helping you to start your project and leading you during whole process of the research

Local history

With our help, you could learn about your ancestors’ lives, circumstances, background and cultural heritage

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What Our Clients Say

We still cannot believe that the Lord blessed you to find so many of our people. I look at the pages of notes that you so diligently worked on and I am so overcome with emotions. It is quite funny to hear me trying to pronounce those Russian names correctly. I wish that I could meet you and hug you and tell you to your face how grateful we are.- Kathy S.
I have begun the work of transferring the data you sent into FamilySearch. I just wanted to thank you for all you did. The scope of the research is just beginning to hit me. You have done a great service to me and my kindred dead. You are wonderful and I will send others to you as I encounter them and their need for help in the Ukraine. God Bless you for all you do.- Michael S.
You are a marvelous and brilliant researcher. I am so astounded that you found these names in those records. It is amazing to me because I cannot imagine how you find all this information. I felt great joy when their names appeared in my tree. Thanks for your excellent work! You are the best genealogist I have ever known.- Nancy G. H.
I received your company name from my cousin in Philadelphia, and I had no compunction about working with you. What a wonderful research you did! Thank you! I hope you will let me pass along your name and contact information to others searching for their families.- Rita B. K.
Thank you for all the documents, records, and so dear names you have found. This is fascinating! Now I have printed out the family book you’ve prepared for me, and it looks wonderful. Thank you again for all your fine work and good cheer.- Nathan B.

How It Works

Understand our steps and our process!
Step 1

Step 1

You come to us and we contact you to discuss your plans and get needed information

Step 2

Step 2

We start a preliminary stage of research with preliminary analytics — free

Step 3

Step 3

You send an advance, and we start the field stage of the research

Step 4

Step 4

You get detailed reports, and then your final results after the final payment

What You Will Get

Full report

A full research report including sources in a RootsMagic or GEDCOM format compatible with an OS and software you like

Copies of Historical Documents

Any documentation acquired during the research process (ie birth, marriage & death certificates copies, census extracts, etc)

Family Book

Your Family Book (PDF book for your joy and distribution)

Optional Bonuses

Ancestors’ Life

Optional PDF copies of your report in various forms such as pedigree charts, narrative reports and more

Free Consultation

Free Consultation for further researches

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