Chernivtsi Jewish Cemetery, 2017
Jun 19

Chernivtsi Jewish Cemetery, 2017

And again, about Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery.

Our last post about this cemetery was on the 29th of January 2016. We visited it again in April 2017.

Among old Jewish burial plots, we found a memorial standing upon common grave, dedicated to 900 Jews of Chernivtsi that were killed by fascists during World War II. Our curiosity pushed us to open one of the letter-boxes, where pilgrims leave notes with wishes (so-called ‏פדיונות), where we found an interesting note from an unknown German visitor. He expressed words of regret and pity over the tragedy caused by his compatriots to the Jews.

This note and the words this man used brought tears into our eyes, we were moved and our hearts were filled with gratitude for it.