Wooden Houses As From A Fairy Tale
Nov 19

Wooden Houses As From A Fairy Tale

Returning from a genealogical expedition, I drove through villages where time seemed to stop. I was so impressed by these old houses that I wanted to take photos of them and share them with you.

At the beginning of the XIX century, the northern lands of the Hetmanate (which later became the Little Russia province with its center in Chernihiv) were divided into Cherginiv and Poltava provinces. Attempts to change the architectural style of urban and rural buildings began immediately.

Over the next 40 years, these big plans progressed very slowly. Statistics from 1842 show that out of 13,609 houses in all cities of the Chernihiv province, there were only 131 stone buildings, ie, 1% of all residential buildings.

According to researchers of Chernihiv region of the XIX century. M. Berezhkov, A. Rusov, M. Domontovych and others, urban stone buildings were concentrated in the central parts of cities, and then there were buildings that can be attributed to rural houses. They were surrounded by gardens, orchards, utility rooms, surrounded by wicker fences, fences and lined willows, which were located on crooked streets. All these buildings created a kind of panorama of the countryside. Smaller county towns resembled a large village, spread over a wide area.

Almost 200 years have passed, but you can still leave the city and immediately find yourself among the old wooden houses that were lovingly built by the locals. Some houses are very-very old. It’s like being in a fairy tale.